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PostSubject: Abrevations   Sun Oct 19, 2008 2:55 am

DPO - Days Past Ovulation AF - Aunt Flo (silly word for period) HPT - Home Pregnancy Test BD - Baby Dancing (Silly word for ahem.. well you know what!!!) OV - Ovulating FR - First Response Pregnancy test LOL - Laugh out loud PMSL - P*****g myself laughing DH - Darling Husband DF - Darling Fiance DS - Darling Son DD - Darling Daughter BFP - Big Fat Positive BFN - Big Fat Negative TTC - Trying to conceive TBH - To be honest WB Welcome back LOL Laugh out loud LMAO Laughing my a**e off ROFLMAO Rolling on the floor laughing my a**e off PMSL Peeing myself laughing TY Thank you YW You're welcome DH/DW Darling husband/wife DP Darling partner DS/DD Darling son/daughter LO Little one GMTA Great minds think alike BRB Be right back TC Take care HTH Hope this helps MW Midwife HV Health visitor BIL/SIL Brother in law/Sister in law MIL/FIL Mother in law/Father in law MSG Message NP No problem OMG Oh my god OT Off topic PG Pregnant PM Personal message SAHM Stay at home mum K OK OIC Oh I see IYSWIM If you see what I mean IYKWIM If you know what I mean BTW By the way IMO/IMHO In my opinion/In my honest opinion BF Breastfeeding (or boyfriend) EWCM Egg white cervical mucus OV Ovulating OPK Ovulation Predictor Kit 1WW/2WW 1 week wait/2 week wait (after having IUI or IVF) BD Baby dancing TMI Too much information MC/MMC Miscarriage/Missed miscarriage

Hope this helps will add more as time goes on xx

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PostSubject: Re: Abrevations   Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:30 am

It's does thanks would not have had the first idea what the majority of those ment... Question
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